Monday, 4 June 2012

With Regret...

So I'm writing this from my spare bedroom while my boyfriend snoozes quietly in my room. My sleeping pattern has been awful lately, if I'm asleep before 12pm and manage to sleep past 4am I can consider it a good night! I think it has something to do with the aviary of birds nesting under my window - I just don't have the heart to evict them!

It's also not the best of topics I'm writing about today which fills me with sadness!

I've been getting Glossy Box since it began last year and at first I was really impressed with it. Even if some of the brands where anonymous to me I could always find something I liked or that worked incredibly well! But slowly over the last few months the boxes I received really started to let me down. It's a bit like the lottery with Glossy Box in so much as, you can see all the products you could have had, but sod's law is you haven't got them.

So after being disappointed by April's box again, I did a bit of research on some different blogs to see whether it was just me getting the short straw. Thankfully it seemed not. Quite a few bloggers where saying the same thing, from what I gather, it appears to be on rotation as to what you get, i.e - one month out of three you'll get a really popular, well known product. Which is fine. If you don't mind all the bits in between it's worth hanging on to your subscription. But sadly, I was so disappointed with May's box that I decided to cancel. Admittedly seeing a lavender based moisturiser put the nail in that coffin... I hate lavender!

I guess after weighing up the pro's and con's, I was collecting so many different things I would never use and ended up giving most of the things away - I think the only things I kept from the May box where the shower gel and the balloon, (the balloon was a person highlight!)

I have really enjoyed my time with Glossy Box and really looked forward to it coming every month! And I do have every intention of subscribing again in the future because I have found some really amazing products through them! I just think for now that I should work through the products I have and diminish my supplies a little!

Thanks to Glossy Box, party supply shops everywhere can expect an increase in balloon sales. 

So just a quick update on life at the moment, me and my boyfriend have officially started flat hunting! Which is all to scary, but really exciting at the same time! We're planning to move to Bristol which is where his job will be based, so its a completely new place for both of us. Living in Chester, I've never had much reason to visit so we're going to go up mid-June to do some flat-viewing and have a look around.

If anyone who knows or lives in Bristol has any advice on good things to see or do.. or just anything about the city really - do let me know! =)

Erin xx

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  1. Ohh, that Glossybox looks great! Good luck on moving to Birstol. I lived in Bristol for a bit and I loved it, its a great place to be!
    - Keyta x


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