Wednesday, 13 June 2012

An Old, New Descovery

This will seem a little juxtaposed when put against my last post, but I must confess I've discovered an amazing product courtesy of Glossy Box - I'll put my shame face on later! I'm quite strict when it comes to my skin care routine as I suffer from pretty horrific breakouts and in the past I've found changing products too much only makes matters worse. So when it comes to body care and moisturisers, I love to experiment and tend to hoard quite a bit!

So the other day, while I was emulating Indiana Jones searching through my shelf, I came across Nuxe - Dry Oil and decided to give it ago. Before I get on down with this, I just want to say that typically, I hate oils. Anything greasy, that clings to the skin and doesn't go anywhere... it's not for me. But this little oil slapped me in the face :), and I'm quite glad of it too!

While doing a bit of research on the brand, I was interested to learn that 80% of their ingredients are natural and contain no mineral oil, which is something to be aware of if using this on your face or problem skin areas as mineral oil can clog up pores and cause breakouts.

So what of this little bottle of dreams? Well, it's simply amazing. All you need is a few drops in the palm of your hand to cover one leg, it goes a lot further than you think it will! Another thing I was really surprised by was the consistency. While being a lot thinner than most oils, the hydrating effects are no less rewarding, and the appearance of my skin afterwards was amazing! My legs had a lovely healthy glow, and felt beautifully soft.

One of the biggest perks of using oils is their multipurpose quality, there's nothing they can't do! It can be used on your face, elbows, knees and hair. Also, adding a few drops to your bath guarantees a rewarding experience and creates the most amazing smell. That's another point I should touch on with Nuxe... the smell is gorgeous! As I have said in previous posts, I'm not the biggest floral scent fan, and while I would describe Nuxe as a floral smell, it's not overwhelming or unbearable and might even go as far as to say - I like it! 

I'm struggling at this point to think of anyone this product wouldn't be suited for. As I mentioned ealier, I'm not a fan of overly oily products, but this is totally different and really worth giving a go. It really is the ultimate in skin TLC. The only down side is the price, for a 50ml it will set you back £17 and for the 100ml it costs £28.30 (prices based on, which addmittedly, if your just wanting to try it, can seem quite a lot. But it is totally worth it if your after an oil that delivers results and nourishes your skin. This little bottle almost makes me wish I had more problem skin areas so I could use it more!


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