Sunday, 20 May 2012

Old Habits Live Effortlessly



Releasing my inner geek * The Avengers! * Rimmel nail varnish * Witches cat * Almond Body Butter * Yankee Candle wax tarts.. mmm * My felt owl :) * Benefit binge * New look Estee Lauder double wear compact * Revlon ColourStay Foundation * The result of a spontaneous trip to Next Home * This is what happens when you buy too many books without considering the consequences * Little Paris Kitchen Cookbook and Tea :) * The over crowding of my strawberry plant's - it's looking a lot like The Hunger Games in there, survival of the fittest! * My Sunflower!

It's been a while since my last post and I have to say, things have been very up and down. It's taken a while to get myself back on my feet but I'm now standing firmly on the ground so I thought I would kick myself into gear and begin my ramblings on this 'ere blog of mine :). 

The pictures are a collection taken over the last few months of bits and bobs, but I can't believe how quickly the time is passing! It still feels like February - and the rain hasn't been suggesting otherwise! That aside, I've had some fairly good impulse shopping trips; the results of most you can see above :).

I have only recently introduced myself to The Little Paris Kitchen on BBC iplayer and fell in love with it straight away! Rachel Khoo combines her knowledge of Parisian food and culture in what can only be described as a charming cooking program. To keep it relevant she adds clever British twists to classic french recipes that have really inspired me to get in the kitchen! So when I saw the book on offer in WhSmiths, I grabbed the last copy and sprinted to the till :).
Another new introduction was The Body Shop's almond body butter - which I think smells a lot like marzipan! It's a lovely, subtle, sweet smell that sits on the skin for hours after applying. My only criticism is, as with some of the other body butter's, its quite greasy and can take a while to sink in so if your trying to get dressed in the morning it can be a little uncomfortable!... but you can use as little or as much as you want!  

I was foaming at the mouth when The Avengers came out! And it really didn't disappoint! The Hulk, Thor and Iron Man were amongst my personal favorites. But after seeing the film and realising I would never be a super hero, I went to Boots to cheer myself up and bought a new nail colour - oh the simple things :)! I have the majority of the Rimmel 60 Second nail varnishes so I decided to settle for "Caramel Cupcake", I usually go for really bright, clashing colours so this was a nice change!
Last month at the Derbyshire game and country fair, I found a craft tent to see out some of the rain, and spent a lot of time wondering around when I stumbled upon a stall called "Proud 2 B Pagan" were they sold lovely and unique ornaments, incense burners, and books but I was immediately taken by this witches cat ornament. The cat lifts off the box to reveal a tiny scroll tied with ribbon and the idea is to write a wish and keep it in the box - yes yes I know, but I couldn't NOT buy it.
I love Yankee Candle and recently bought one of their wax burners so every time I see a wax tart I'm forever smelling and seeing what my room should smell like this week. The other day I bought Lemon and Vanilla Cupcake which smell AMAZING! 

I will review all of the Benefit Cosmetics with swatches after I have given them a fair run. But just in case the picture isn't too clear, I have BadGal waterproof eyeliner in Black, Dandelion Blush, High Beam, They're Real mascara and BadGal Lash mascara.. which is already reviewed here :)!

How could I forget this picture! 

He hates being cuddled :)
Erin xx


  1. Omg, I loved benefit dandelion...the first ever blush I completely used up! I also really love your blog...I am definitely a new follower :) Please check mine out if you have the time xoxo Genevieve

  2. Thank you!
    It's a really lovely blush! I wasn't convinced when I first saw it, but quickly changed my mind! I wouldn't be without it =).
    I'll certainly give you a click =)


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