Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ode to a glossy box

The in’s and out’s of the past few weeks… but in actual fact, there all in’s :)

I haven’t done one of these in a while so I thought I'd update!

I’m loving a lot of things at the moment but one thing I promised myself I wouldn’t go on about… I’m going to have to go on about. I discovered this product in my August Glossy Box and after just two uses I’m in love!

KMS California (Hair stay style boost)

I have to admit it takes an awful lot for me to rave about a hair product, but this one has done it. Its described as being a 'primer for your hair', so much like a make-up primer, it enhances the performance of your usual styling products. I didn’t really look at what it did before using it, I just read the directions and went to town, not expecting to find the holy grail in a can. After towel drying hair you massage in, from root to tip, a small amount and then style as usual. It’s a really refreshing product to use as I’ve never had a hair moose that cools and crackles in my hand… if cave men could see us now! It not only enhanced the performance of my usual volume moose by making my hair smoother and more manageable, it also brought out the colours making them more defined. And it dried A LOT smoother and tamer than before!
I cannot rate this product enough! I will definitely be buying it!

Following the Yellow Brick Road...

Last weekend I got to re-discover my love for an old classic and childhood nostalgia.

The show itself was outstanding. As much as it pains me to say, Andrew Lloyd Webber well and truly out did the original film, and Danielle Hope really did Dorothy justice! Webber stayed loyal to the original story of Oz but brought it up to date by giving the characters more dimension and depth. A particular favourite was the Tin Man, who was probably my least favourite in the film. He took on a comical macho role that ensured any difficult situation he was faced with, was all the more hilarious because of his ambivalence... the poppy field scene was a definite favourite.

The thing I was most curious about was how they would create the set and some of the illusions, for instance the storm and the yellow brick road. The film presents Dorothy's life on the farm in black and white to demonstrate the bleakness of her life, then springs into beautiful technicolour when she reaches Oz. The stage production was no different, and the colours where even more beautiful. The effects of the storm where delivered using a screen that was pulled across the stage... sadly there were no flying farm animals. And the yellow brick road was a tilted revolving circle from inside that changed colour with the entrance to the Emerald city and the poppy field. Clever stuff... I recommend being sober when watching.

So, after seeing the west-end production in all it's glory I was left feeling staggered by the fact that (as a child... and an adult for that matter) I had never owned a pair of Dorothy style shoes... so I'm about to start a new craft project ;).

Speaking of shoes...

Irregular Choice never fail to amuse me!

Unexpected fits of laughter courtesy of Modern Family. I'm currently in love with this show! I've never really been into american family based sitcoms but this is hilarious! If you haven't seen it yet I really recommend you do! 

:) xox

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