Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Soap and Hoary

This post is dedicated to my insane and pointless soap escapades! :)

My addiction to coconut smelling objects is being fed :)

The rather fetching yellow are meant to be honey scented... but the calendula petals are slightly overpowering making them more floral than sweet...d'oops

The blue ones smell AMAZING. I may as well live in a coconut :).

So... a while ago I thought Rimmel had really stepped up their game by bringing out fruity scented nail varnish.. but surprisingly it didn't seem to stick and faded out quicker than Kurt Cobain. Nothing about these nail varnishes really screamed "Buy me"... instead they sternly whispered "You already have THREE different shades of pink... You do NOT one that smells of strawberry". After reading a post about the American brand Mattese Elite I decided to check out the site and found more scented nail varnishes... but with a twist. The "Happy Hour Collection" consists of 6 cocktail scented colours that wouldn't be out of place on Cedric Charlier's runway, and while I might not need a nail varnish that smells like strawberry... I can honestly say I DO need one that smells like tequila sunrise!

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