Monday, 11 July 2011

The ins and outs

I actually feel quite out of touch with any new products that have come on the market in the past 2 weeks. I’ve been avoiding visual media recently as a result of Sky Living’s new series of Britain and Irelands Next Top Model. Yes, Elle Macpherson scares the holy hell out of me. Give her a head piece and she could easily pass off as a member of the Borg. So since they seem intent on promoting it in every crevice of media advertising - I have respectfully limited my exposure to it until it dies down. One thing I did do howeveeeer, was visit the new Smashbox counter in Debenhams when I was in Liverpool over the weekend. I honestly felt like an excitable puppy when I got near, my senses heightened, the urge to urinate increased… but all this pointless rambling brings me too…

Whats In:

Smashbox Photofinish Primer - I can’t say that I’m entirely convinced by primers, but after trying Too Faced “Primed and Poreless” (review to come) and seeing the difference it made, I decided to get the photo finish primer. I say “I“, my rather lovely and wonderful boyfriend bought it for me as an early birthday present =]. Even though I haven’t had a chance to give it a fair trail yet, this is staying in for now because its SO good to see Smashbox available in the UK.

Vanillary - I really can’t buy this. I love love LOVE sickly sweet smelling perfumes, but this one is so sweet it would make martians on the moon vomit. I love it.

I make and I sell, Soap.
 …well.. Not quite, but I have been making soap!… and its making the house smell rather spectacular =].

Golf - I’m rubbish. Theres no two ways about it, but I actually really like it. And I like even more, the thought of wearing a golfer hat… with a bobble on top. 


Dior Nude foundation - In my books, Dior cant put a foot wrong, (mentioning no Galliano shaped disasters). Even though the shades are to dark for my skin its been one of my favourite foundations. So what’s soiled this beautiful relationship? That god damn pump. The third time really isn’t a charm, I don’t know whether its meant to be a clever new mechanism that alerts you when your half way through or their just having a laugh, but £30 on a foundation… I really want to use the whole thing - not just half 

Shake it all about:

I am aware, at this point in the year, how wrong it is to say, I cant wait till Christmas. This is prompted mainly by the fact that my colossal sized Snow Fairy from lush ran out the other day. Devastated? Yes. Where else am I going to find a Calpol smelling shower gel.

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