Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution (formerly Crealine) Review

There is so so so much hype around this product online... And I’ll happily get behind every positive word that is written about it! Finding a good make-up remover is really important, it’s one thing to know that your skin is clean but it’s another not to have to rugby tackle your mascara off your lashes! The main thing that drew me to trying this was the disbelief that anything could live up to that kind of hype.

Bioderma - Available from Escentual - Prices start from £4.50
 I’ve tried more make-up removers than I care to mention and I have found that where one will be fairly effective at removing my make-up, it’ll near enough burn my eyeballs out doing it! Bioderma is completely different, it is so gentle and looks just like water. You only need to rub a few times to remove even waterproof mascara and there is no burning or stinging! It is clearly made from the tears of a unicorn.

Bioderma’s make-up removing heroics are really well documented online, but I wanted to flag up another quality that I have noticed. As I have mentioned in previous posts I suffer from blemishes and sometimes scarring but since using Bioderma my skin has completely cleared! Spots, blemishes and scarring are no where to be seen. This may be down to my skin being cleansed more thoroughly than usual or it could be an ingredient in Bioderma that is causing blemishes to calm down. Either way I cannot thank this product enough and I'm already looking at what to buy next from the brand!

Has anyone else noticed a similar reaction? What should I try next from the brand?!

Erin. xx 

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