Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray - Review!

I’m the world’s worst at looking after my hair. If it wasn’t attached to my head it would probably start going to a support group. I try to use the occasional hair mask and sometimes remember to put my L’oreal Mythic Oilon the ends but other than that, it’s pretty much left to fend for itself.

In an attempt to apologise to my hair, I’ve been delving into unknown territory recently. Buying hair products is something I dread. I think much of the problem here is my past experience. When I was younger, I bought a lot of different things to try on my hair and I was always left completely underwhelmed. The products where always to greasy or to heavy and having fine hair just makes it look even worse. 

Much to my own surprise, with the lovely sunny weather we've been having recently I’ve been feeling inspired by so many different hair trends, my most coveted being the messy beach waves look. I decided to pick up and try the Toni & Guy Salt Spray to give my hair more texture and make it look a little more natural for the summer months!

The product is part of the Toni & Guy Casual collection for creating a more laid back look and is priced at £2.19 for 75ml or £7.19 for 200ml. So many brands doing salt spray at the moment but the packaging for this one is very simplistic and this is what drew me to it. The colour of the bottle is a really nice touch too, because as a consumer I instantly thought “SKYBEACHWATER… MUSTHAVENICEHAIR”. You win this time advertising. 

Onto the actual product itself, it couldn’t be easier to use... which I love! To add some volume and texture, I spray it into the roots of my hair after I have dried it and then quickly ruffle and massage the roots of my hair which gives it amp level volume. This effect lasts quite well on my hair but I do find it going flat after a few hours but it is easily solved by ruffling it up again!  

To create a messy beach look, I have been spraying this from the roots to the tips of my hair and simply scruntching the ends of my hair up towards the roots and leaving it to hang loosely. It gives a beautiful effect for a few hours, however I have again found that it does need re-doing after a few hours wear.

Overall, I do really like this salt spray. I think it's fantastic value for money and does what it says on the tin cleverly coloured blue bottle. I really like the finished effect and have Toni & Guy to thank for bringing me out of my comfort zone in terms of styling. Would I buy it again? I think I would, but not straight away. It's the type of product I want stashed on my shelf so I can pull it out when I need but I would really like to try a few more first!

Has anyone else tried a good sea salt or thickening spray? Let me know!

Erin xx


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous love the backing you use to

    Carrieanne x


    1. Thank you, that's really kind =) xx


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