Saturday, 6 August 2011

Too Faced Primed and Poreless Review

A few months back I embarked on a mission.
A mission to find “The Best” foundation primer in existence.
...One that was super human.
...One that would do what it was meant to.
...One that worked.

This plan was substantially flawed from the get go, due mainly to the fact that I was completely clueless as to what a primer actually did. To me, they seemed to be the valentines day of the beauty industry, aka, a bit of a con. So its no surprise I found myself going round and round in circles reading countless reviews and recommendations.
Half the problem seemed to be that for every positive review, there was an equally appalled review following immediately after. I understand that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, but I’ve never seen such a scrabble board of opinion. Maybe these people where like myself. I had found myself in the primer trap. I had no idea what they really did, but by bubbles I knew I needed one.

As with all beauty products we have the usual; what the product claims to do, and what the product actually does, but by the time you find the latter out, you have already spent out and are stuck either way with something you may not want or that doesn‘t work.
So to make it as clear cut as I can, here’s what a primer should do:
  • A good primer prepares the skin for foundation
  • Makes foundation application a lot easier
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Some will reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines
  • Absorb any oil
  • And help your make-up stay on longer. It may be important to note that it won’t make your make-up water proof but they definitely help in hot weather!

    So with that cleared up, let the review commence!

    Too Faced Primed and Poreless Review

Too Faced seem to put as much work into the packaging of their products as they do the product itself, which is always nice to see! I like the idea of the squeeze tube bottle because so often I find the pump applicator bottles break or get clogged up. At first I thought 35ml was rather small, but after using it I noticed a little really goes a long way and it is not meant to be applied like a foundation. The box claims it contains retinol which apparantly increases cell production and makes skin look younger, but being 22, I couldn’t tell you whether this is true, I haven’t noticed my skin looking like a 12 year olds put it that way. The primer comes out of the tube a pale pinkish colour and absorbs right in, (it doesn’t colour the skin) and feels really lightweight and genuinly pleasant! Blending it in is effortless, it sinks straight in and doesn’t leave any moisture or oil, and on top of that my skin feels really smooth.

I wouldn’t say it brightens the skin particularly well, or really reduces the appearance of pores, which I was a bit shocked at since their main claim is to make your skin ‘Poreless’, but it is a fantastic base for foundation and my makeup has been pretty indestructible after using it! In terms of absorbing oil, it really doesn’t. So if you have really oily skin I’d be cautious.

All in all, though it doesn’t check all the boxes for me, I would defiantly buy this again. I’m convinced of its staying power and it does make make-up application a hell of a lot easier!
£22 for 35ml


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