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Soap and Glory - Soaper Heroes Review

Soaper Heroes Review

These days, we’re faced with so many choices. Not just the life altering; to pixie crop the hair, or not to pixie crop the hair… (that is the rather big and circular shaped question), but even stepping outside your front door leads you to an endless possibility of choices. So its unsurprising that an innocent trip to Boots to buy a body scrub scrabbles my tiny little mind and launches me into disarray.

While I ran away screaming with my arms in the air, a friend very sweetly bought me Soaper Heroes, a travel sized collection of Soap and Glory’s best selling products, and this contained one of the items I’d been particularly interested in. I have used Soap and Glory’s Sit Tight and Sexy Mother Pucker before and know how amazing they are. Its very rare you actually find a product that does what it says on the tin, but I always have confidence in them. So why didn’t I just buy the Flake Away body scrub?

Well, I was overwhelmed by choice, the amount of different products and brands promising the same thing at different prices… call me dubious, but they cant ALL be telling the truth. I’ll quite happily take my chances on a £20 mascara but when it comes to matters of the bath and body, its just too much. So getting back to Soaper Heroes, the set included: Girligo scented moisturising body mist, The Righteous Butter body butter, Flake Away body scrub, Clean On Me skin softening shower gel, and Hair Supply hair repair mask, all in rather adorable travel sized packaging. And heres what I made of them...

Girligo scented moisturising body mist

This is such a lovely smelling and handy moisturiser for post shower use. Its great at holding in moisture and softens skin, not to mention making you smell like peach and strawberries! Admittedly the smell doesn’t last too long but the bottles so sleek and pretty it fits perfectly in your bag for a mid day top up. My pet hate when it comes to moisturisers is sticky, un-absorbable creams that make you want to get straight back in the shower, but Girligo absorbs right in with little effort.. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say it cuts your moisturising time in half! Not to mention it smoothes and softens skin a treat, what more could you want! This is worth a try at £6.38 for 250ml.

The Righteous Butter body butter

The Righteous Butter really surprised me! I have tried so many butter’s in the past and while I’ve always been head over heels in love with the smell of them, they’ve never really done anything for my skin. This one is very, very different! Most butter’s tend to be more on the solid side, but this one is softer and easier to apply and the smell is wonderful. Its a fantastic, non greasy, moisturiser and contains shea butter and aloe vera that leaves your skin so soft and flawlessly smooth. The tub, as with all Soap and Glory packaging, is so pretty, it’s a proud addition to any bathroom shelf. I think anyone with dry skin would really benefit from trying this, after a week of using the product I found my skin was glowing and there wasn’t a dry spec in sight. At £10.21 for 300ml its quite pricey, but they also do a travel sized one (50ml) for £2.35 if your wanting to try it out!

Flake Away body scrub

What can I say about this scrub?.. Waaw. Just.. Waaaaww. I’ve used scrubs in the past that have been a bit problematic in terms of not having enough exfoliants or being too rough, but I’ve never found one that makes my skin feel AND look amazing. After using the scrub alone in the shower, my skin was unbelievably soft and shiny, and again, it smells lovely! The tub is similar to The Righteous Butter so storage isn’t a problem, if, like myself, your trying to balance and juggle a mind field of products you can easily stack other things on top. When I first opened it I was curious as to what it contained because the gains are very fine, after reading the bottom I discovered its made from peach seed and sugar… which I guess explains the smell! At first I did think this would be quite a harsh scrub, but its really not! After vigorous rubbing the sugar mostly disintegrates leaving you with the peach seed for a twice over. I really cannot recommend this product enough! Soap and Glory do a travel sized version for £2.35 (50ml), and the 300ml is £6.64.  

Clean On Me skin softening shower gel

Admittedly, I have only used this once or twice because I have so many shower gels and creams to get through, but so far I’m not overly impressed by it. The packaging is really pretty, though I do find with some shower gels that screw tops are a pain to use. On the website it shows the full sized version has a push down dispenser which makes a lot more sense! It lathers up nicely and like the other products, smells wonderful! But I didn’t see or feel any difference on my skin which was a bit of a disappointment. If I’m honest I don’t really think its worth £5.11 (500ml), but it was a nice addition to the set! There is a travel sized version as with many of the products so I’d maybe give that a try if your interested in it (£2.35 for 75ml). 

Hair Supply hair repair mask

Abused hair beware - You have met your match! I’ll start by clarifying how… particular I am about my hair… aka - “TOUCH ANYTHING BUT THE HAIR!” But all in all, I was really looking forward to trying this. Mainly because all the other products smelt amazing, so naturally I couldn’t wait to get it on my hair. The bottle says the hair mask can be used in two ways, for daily use or weekly use (leaving in for 3-4 minutes) for a more ‘intense’ treatment. One of my pet hates with hair masks is the tendency to make your hair TOO shiny and slippery, Hair Supply didn’t do any of those things… thank God. I decided to still condition my hair, then apply the mask before wrapping a towel round it and leaving it for about half an hour. A little really does go a long way and it was fairly easy to wash out. After drying I found it had really conditioned my hair without making it look greasy, it also enhanced my highlights making my hair look brighter and not at all frizzy. After applying my usual volume moose and straightening, I felt like my hair had transformed! It was so easy too manage and looked a lot healthier than it usually does!
£6.00 for 200ml

So, would I buy any of these products again? Yes. Yes I would. The only one I would probably leave out is the Clean On Me shower gel, simply because I don’t believe its quiteee worth £5.11... Having said that, I’ll definitely take it with me when I go somewhere!

Next time I’m faced with a bath or body dilemma, I’m going to head straight to Soap and Glory and let myself be whisked away to a land of peachy, strawberry bliss!

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