Monday, 4 July 2011

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara Review

A few months ago I went to my local Benefit counter to replenish my 'Get Bent' mascara only to find (much to my horror), that it was being discontinued. I was so disappointed… I’m a huge fan of big lashes and like my eyelashes to produce a breeze when I flutter. 'Get Bent' was the only product that I’d ever been satisfied with!  

After scouring through reviews and recommendations trying to find a similar product, I finally decided to give the Bad Gal mascara a go. I love Benefit Cosmetics as much as the next beauty junkie and can honestly say it lived up to the expectations. My logic in choosing this mascara was that it would continue along the same lines as the Bad Gal eyeliner, delivering big and bold results. And that it did. It is available in black, blue and they also have a waterproof version, although this has a slightly slimmer brush than the regular one, which is quite a significant difference as the brush seems to be one of its distinguishing features. 

To anyone who uses Benefit Cosmetics you’ll know that they have an amazing way of giving their products personality and character… this is no exception. The large bristled brush coated all my lashes evenly and produced an intense bold black finish. It took a few layers to achieve the look I wanted but even after layering it remained clump free. When I pulled the wand out I noticed that the suction around the lid of the tube keeps the wand free of any excess mascara and helps prevent any messiness.

This mascara defiantly helped me get big, fluttering lashes that stood out and over all I'm happy with the results! I did find that it was quite difficult to remove with just normal make-up wipes. So I would recommend using a makeup remover specifically for waterproof mascara to take it off.


Simply because nothing will take the place of 'Get Bent'.
For anyone interested, I have been in contact with Benefit who have said the product may still be available in some retail stores however it has currently 'sold out' throughout the company and will make way for new and exciting products.

I can't wait to see what they come up with =).

Erin xx

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